Grimm Times

Grimm Times is the band’s fourth LP release. It is a musical journey that spans decades from country rock (tracks 1 - 5) to unreleased 60's and 70's classic rock (tracks 6 - 10). The album was recorded with the band in the same room - an ‘old school’ way of recording these days. It features hit songs such as, A Mist is Risin' (now charting on Music Row), Somewhere in the Night (Acoustic) version, and Summertime (Acoustic blues) version.

The album captures an iconic sound and tone with authentic vintage instruments played such as, 1963 Gibson B45-12, 1953 Gibson J200, 1961 Fender Strat, 1964 Hofner Bass, 1958 Hammond B3 Organ, 1964 Leslie Speaker and 1953 Neumann U-47.