The Grimm®

The GRIMM®, was formed in 1961 and had been previously known as the “Four/Fifths."  The five original band members included, Greg Ericksen (lead singer/guitarist), Greg Dickman (lead guitarist), Denie Hill (Drummer), Marvin Ellis (bass guitar) and Mike Alder (organ).  The music of the Grimm has the edgy sixties psychedelic rock mixed with melodious and harmonious sound quality that is originally, The Grimm®. One may describe the sound of The Grimm® as eclectic rock, broadening the landscape of music and pulling from different genres to create a sound of original quality.

The GRIMM® had just began rising to fame and climbing charts in 1968 with their popular single, “The Darkness and the Night,” when the band disbanded as members left to serve either their country or Christian missions.  At the height of their success, they took a hiatus and with music still left to be played and made, they have once more come together to create sound waves like no other.  Still playing much of their original music, they have added more recent tunes to their repertoire. 

In 2021, The GRIMM®, founding member Greg Ericksen has been joined by Brett Raymond (organ), Michael Dowdle (lead guitar), Joel Stevenett (drums), Levi Wunderlich (Bass) and Andrew Doolittle (Guitar) who will perform on November 23, 2021 at the Capitol Theatre in Salt Lake City, Utah and on a streaming made for television show “London RoofTop®." (Release date to be announced).     

To date, The GRIMM® has released three EP’s and three full length albums which include Lost Tracks, Lost Tracks 2, and Oculus. Their latest release and single, Summertime, was released in October 2021.