Brett Raymond

Brett Raymond joined The Grimm as a vocalist and keyboard player on acoustic piano and Hammond organ.

He is an accomplished composer although he remains modest and self-deprecating until you hear him tickle the ivories in monumental performance’s during the recording of ‘Grimm Times.’

Like most dedicated persons who puts his anchor into the ocean floor of music, he made his mark and fed his family creating everything from jingles (Velveeta Shells and Cheeze) to TV Themes (The Agatha Christie Hour) to promo work ("America's Biggest Road Show"- College Football on ABC) The biggest of those gigs has been, and continues to be, The Today Show on NBC, which has used my 'main studio theme' for a number of years, and which Brett always says “I'm very grateful for.”

But his true passions are playing live, creating music to pictures, writing a new song that didn’t exist before, discovering ways to make things sound cool when recording, and on and on.

In his own words, “I love music, the making of it, the recording of it and the performing of it, I passionately put the emotions of myself ‘all in’ on everything emotion I feel in music.”

He is an integral part of the magic in the bottle of The Grimm sound.