Greg Dickman

Roland Greg Dickman aka Greg Dickman the lead guitar player for The Grimm, was born in Ogden, Utah before moving to Bountiful, Utah in 1963. He was first inspired by music when he was 7 years old after watching a woman playing classical piano on TV after which he‘promptly told his mother; "I want to do that!” Shortly thereafter the family purchased a piano and Dickman started taking classical piano lessons, which influenced his style and love of music.

During Junior high school he decided to add one more instrument to his repertoire by taking drum and percussion lessons participating in both the symphony orchestra and marching band for the next 5 years. His mother was not happy with that career move. After moving to Bountiful, Utah he started taking guitar lessons from George Best and was introduced to another student Greg Ericksen taking lessons from Best about playing guitar in his folk band The Four/Fifths. As folk music started to wain with the British invasion in the 1960’s the folk group decided to "GO ROCK".

As the group went on tour, they started to attract a large following through touring and landing their music on regional radios top ten charts. This public recognition brought the attention of four major record labels calling to see what the excitement was all about.          

Upon the release of their first hit single “The Darkness and The Night, Dickman was summoned to serve in the United States Army at the height of the Vietnam War where he was sent to Seattle, Washington and ended up in Virginia as a helicopter tech.

When Dickman returned to Utah the band had lost several members and he ended up moving the San Francisco bay area where he briefly played in several bands including a traditional country/bluegrass band to new wave rock band.

  The Grimm briefly re-reunited in the 1980’s and 90’s and then took a hiatus before rejoining after a new interest in Grimm memorabilia and their music. Accumulating over 50 original tracks that were never released, they began working on releasing this music to the general public.