Mike Alder (1947 - 2021)

Michael (Mike) Dean Alder.  Mike started singing when he was 6 years old and took piano lessons.  He was asked to sing a song in church called, “I am a child of God’. After that he was invited to sing in his Church choir.  At age 14, he was cast in a theater production as one of the Finley boys for the production of “Promise Valley.”   Mike met Greg Ericksen in Junior High School after his mother suggested they sing together - as Greg was singing alone with his guitar.

In 1962 they formed a folk group called the 4/5ths.  They sang a lot of folk rock and sang in many talent competitions including competing for a spot on “Ted Macks Original Amateur hour.”  The band was on local TV shows and eventually converted to Rock n Roll in about 1964 bringing a drummer into the band. Mike played organ in the band. His first organ was an electric pump organ that he glued a microphone into so he could plug it into an amp. There was a slight delay when he would press the keys down which can be heard on one of their first recordings, “Theme from an Empty Room.”  After converting to a rock group, Mike purchased a Farfisa Organ and other band members played guitars and drums. As their popularity grew on tours and tape recordings for local radio stations, they were invited to California to interview with major record labels several times. Mike left the band briefly in 1968 to serve a Christian mission in Northern Germany as the band was changing its name to The Grimm.  They later reunited for a few engagements. Music has always been Mike’s passion. He was in a college choir Promusica and was a guest soloist for Salt Lake City Choral, and the Oratorio Society of Utah. He also sang in the opera Aida, with the Utah Opera Co.